Are You Available For Hire?
Yes. I freelance full time, so my schedule and work flow always vary, but I would be happy to discuss any project you have in mind. Please send me an email and we can go from there.

Do You Accept Commissions?
I do. Again, my schedule varies a lot, but I do take on occasional commissions. If the project sounds like a good fit and my schedule allows, I am happy to take on commissions.

Will You Design A Logo For Me?
Probably not. While I have designed a number of logos over the years, I do not view it as my strength, nor particularly enjoy it. I do know a number of incredibly talented designers though and would be happy to send along some recommendations, depending on what you are looking for.

Do You Print Your Own Work/Will You Print Something For Me?

Not anymore. I screen printed my own work for about six years, but haven’t pulled a print myself since about 2012. I work with a number of excellent printers though, and can give some recommendations depending on your project.

Will You Design My Wedding Invitations/Poster For My Wedding?
No. I get asked to do this quite frequently and while it is very flattering, it is not work I enjoy.

Will You Design A Tattoo For Me?

Where Did You Go To School?
Drake University

What Is Your Process?

When Did You Decide To Go Freelance Full Time?

What Happened To The Bungaloo?

Why All The Birds?

Any Advice For Young Illustrators/Designers/Artists?

What Your Favorite Poster/Piece You’ve Ever Done?

What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Illustration?

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Artists?

Do You Have A Studio Or Do You Work From Home?

What Kind Of Dog Is Loki?

Who Is Your Dream Client?